Omega Gravity Belt Thickener

Source: Aqualitec Corp.


The OMEGA Gravity Belt Thickener is designed for continuous mechanical thickening of municipal or industrial sludge.

Customers use OMEGA in a number of sludge thickening applications:

  • As a final step to increase the dry solids concentration to 6-8%, replacing conventional gravity static thickeners, flotation systems, and other inefficient technologies.
  • As a pre-dewatering stage, when combined in?line with a belt filter press, to optimize filter press efficiency.
  • As a pre-dewatering stage before a plate filter press or centrifuge, to downsize the dewatering equipment.
  • For sludge volume reduction before anaerobic digestion processes to reduce digester size.

OMEGA's innovative and efficient technology reduces sludge volume by at least 4 times. The simple, rugged design offers a number of benefits:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Reliable and durable components
  • Low maintenance and operations supervision

The OMEGA Gravity Belt Thickener range can be designed up to to 200 m³/h of raw sludge