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Introducing Claros Water Intelligence System From Hach

Changing regulations, unpredictable influent levels, and instrument downtime are all problems plant operators encounter. Without a clear picture of their water or data, operators face uncertainty about efficiency and compliance. Imagine the time savings, cost reductions, and peace of mind that a complete “water intelligence system” could provide. Claros™, the Water Intelligence System from Hach®, focuses on instrument, data, and process management to help reduce uncertainty and increase operational confidence.

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A Model For Vacuum Feed Monitoring
A Q&A With JCS Industries Inc.

Chemicals are among the greatest allies that drinking water and wastewater treatment operations have in the fight against contaminants. But these operations are dependent on the proper technology to administer just the right amount of chemicals at just the right time, ensuring that effluent is neither under- or overdosed.

Water: The Elixir Of Life And Fuel For The Economy
By Festo Corporation

One of the greatest challenges that we face in the future is supplying the world with clean water. This is inextricably linked with the energy-efficient recycling of wastewater. Resource-efficient process automation has a pivotal role to play here.

Treatment Of Produced Water By Electrocoagulation
By BakerCorp

Produced water (PW) is salty water trapped in the reservoir rock and brought up along with oil or gas during production. It subsists under high pressures and temperatures, and usually contains hydrocarbons and metals. Therefore, it must be treated before being discharged to surface water. Different techniques are being used to treat PW through phase separations, system control and design, and chemical treatments. In this paper, we discuss our experimental results on treating PW through electrocoagulation (EC).

Extreme Water Filtering: Consider High-Flow Systems To Save Costs And Reduce Waste
By Robert LeConche, Shelco Filters

In an era when everything is done to the extreme — from sports, to home makeovers, to weather predictions — it should come as no surprise that the world of water filtering has joined the crowd. “Extreme” filtering, so to speak, is achieved through the use of high-flow cartridge systems — smaller designs that are able to handle much higher water volumes and pressures at lower costs and with less maintenance.

PRVs And Pipeline Security
A Q&A With Telog, A Trimble Company

When the pressure builds up in the underground systems that distribute water, it doesn’t take a creative mind to imagine what could happen next. The resulting bursts can mean extensive repairs to the pipes, significant restoration to damaged property, and the prospect of lost water revenue pouring out of the system.

Industry News

Water utilities are saving on their power bills by installing Tesla battery systems — best known for powering electric vehicles — in their facilities.

Technology Showcase
Municipal Ozone Dissolution Systems: Sidestream Ozone Injection Skids

Regulatory pressure, water scarcity, and public health concerns have increased the use of ozone as a primary disinfectant and essential oxidant, making ozonation a crucial treatment process in municipal water, wastewater, and recycling facilities. 

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Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
V-Cone Flow Meter

McCrometer’s V-Cone is an innovative flow meter that takes differential pressure (DP) flow measurement to another level. Designed for the harshest operating environments and for the widest variety of fluids, this advanced flow meter consistently outperforms traditional DP devices and other major flow technologies.

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McCrometer, Inc.
AirPro Max Air Valve

Pratt introduces the brand new AirPro Max air valve line. Our comprehensive air valve line features all ductile iron bodies and covers as well as 316 stainless-steel floats and trim as standard.

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Mueller Water Products
Recordall Compound Series Meters

The Recordall Compound Series meters meet or exceed the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C700 and are available in a leadfree bronze alloy.

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Badger Meter
Recommended Resources
D-Family Durable BWRO Membranes

The new generation of durable BWRO membrane elements shows a notable increase in performance, both in ion rejection as well as in energy savings, which means better performance at lower costs.

Complex Floodplain Issues In City Of Billings

The floodplain in the vicinity of Billings, MT, is not a typical situation. First, the prevalence of manmade structures such as ditches, bridges, and canals complicated the hydraulic model. Second, Billings lies on extremely flat terrain without distinct channels, making it very challenging to determine where or how far flood water will spread.

Valves, Ductile Iron Pipe And Fittings Part Of Fast-Track Solution For Emergency Tank Replacement

A six-million-gallon raw water tank in Muscogee County collapsed in April 2009, leaving Columbus Water Works (CWW) with a sizeable cleanup job, diminished emergency water reserves, and a fast-track rebuild project. The tank had held untreated water from the Chattahoochee River.

PES For Radium And Uranium Removal

WRT's processes are an effective and environmentally responsible choice you can make for removing radium and uranium from drinking water and the community.

MABR Reduces Energy Consumption And Overall Treatment Costs Compared To Conventional Methods

Fluence's MABR process addresses water scarcity by providing economical reuse treatment in small, decentralized plants.

The Cost Of High Solids In Your Wastewater Treatment Plant

Conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) operate with solids (mixed liquor suspended solids ­— MLSS) concentrations ranging from approximately 1,500 to 5,000 mg/L. In membrane bioreactors (MBRs), typical MLSS concentrations are even higher (10,000 to 12,000 mg/L). 

Featured Guest Column
How To Get What You Need With The Proper Bid Form
By Don Schwerin

When designing water and wastewater treatment facilities, engineers have always struggled with the issue of ensuring owners they will get equipment that provides the highest value for the money and meets the needs of their facility.

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