Three Common Compliance Errors And How To Avoid Them

When you’re in the wastewater treatment industry, compliance is the name of the game. Wastewater treatment operators spend countless hours working diligently to ensure their effluent complies with state and federal regulations. But some common errors can get in the way of their best efforts.

Overdosing, Underdosing, And How To Get Precise With Wastewater Treatment Chemicals

Despite their best intentions, wastewater operations all over the country have suffered from accidently under- or over-administering treatment chemicals when trying to get effluent into shape. With the proper tools, however, these mistakes can become a thing of the past.

Predictive Diagnostics Has Arrived, But How Is It Applied To Wastewater Instrumentation?

It should be no surprise that something as simultaneously complex and critical as wastewater treatment has a long history of technological development. Monitoring has always been critical for the sector, but as plants continue to rely on instrumentation to assure effective operations, a new level of diagnostics has emerged.

Wastewater Condition Changes: Timely Data, Timely Control

Treatment plants all over the country are looking for the tools to monitor wastewater conditions in real time. Having real-time knowledge of a waste stream makes an operation more efficient and nimble, prepared to comply with regulations more easily, and it can save significantly on cost.