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  Introducing Claros Water Intelligence System From Hach

Changing regulations, unpredictable influent levels, and instrument downtime are all problems plant operators encounter. Without a clear picture of their water or data, operators face uncertainty about efficiency and compliance. Imagine the time savings, cost reductions, and peace of mind that a complete “water intelligence system” could provide. Claros™, the Water Intelligence System from Hach®, focuses on instrument, data, and process management to help reduce uncertainty and increase operational confidence.

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Featured Articles
O&M Best Practices For UV Disinfection Of Wastewater
A Q&A With TrojanUV

UV has become increasingly popular for disinfecting wastewater treatment plant effluent. UV provides safe, reliable, and cost-effective disinfection. However, proper O&M is needed to ensure the best performance. In addition, using best O&M practices extends equipment life.

How To Prevent GenX Leaching From Filters
A Q&A With Calgon Carbon Corporation

Water professionals must plan and budget to meet new regulations on the horizon. They must find the best technology for removing emerging contaminants, such as perfluorinated compounds. Above all, they want to ensure the health and safety of their customers.

How To Conduct A Pilot Test For Iron And Manganese Removal From Groundwater Using Manganese Dioxide Filter Media
By Clean Water Systems & Stores, Inc.

There are various treatment processes that are used to remove iron and manganese from groundwater for potable water supplies. While there are various less-common treatment methods used (such as ion exchange and ultrafiltration), most treatment systems for iron oxidize the ferrous state of iron to a ferric state so that the solid particles can then be filtered out.

City Validates Innovative Reuse Treatment Options Without RO
By WEDECO -- A Xylem Brand

The 55.5-MGD Southern Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWWTP) in Hollywood, FL, treats wastewater from Hollywood and six neighboring municipalities in the southern region of Broward County. Florida’s outfall rule requires the city to begin a process to largely eliminate the use of its ocean outfall and implement 20.4 MGD of additional reuse on an annual basis.

A More Stable Disinfection Performance For A California Wastewater Plant
By PeroxyChem

The City of St. Helena, CA, uses a municipal wastewater system with an aerated lagoon and an average flow rate of 0.5 MGD. The performance of the existing chlorination process becomes less effective during some periods of summer and fall months, and the city sought a cost-effective technology that could provide more stable disinfection performance over a broad range of pH conditions and could easily retrofit the existing system.

Industry News

Apparently, one of the most unsettling water treatment reports to make headlines last year was even worse than many realized.

Technology Showcase
Spectroquant Prove Spectrophotometer

Our goal was to build the perfect tool for water analysis. One that unites the simplicity you want with the security you need, and the durability you expect. Spectroquant Prove delivers all these and more. Its intuitive controls and our popular Spectroquant test kits make analysis smoother than ever.

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Submersible Wastewater Pumps: EffTec Series

Not only efficiency in the motors — pump hydraulics are key as well in getting the highest possible overall efficiency with consequently low energy consumption. So we developed the new EffTec series at our HOMA R&D center. The efficiency of this new generation of motors has been markedly increased to match the IE3 premium efficiency standard.

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HOMA Pump Technology
Promag P 200

The device with genuine two-wire technology designed for minimized cost of ownership. Genuine loop-powered technology for seamless two-wire integration and robustness in standard process applications.

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Endress+Hauser, Inc.
220 Barrel Tanks

Used for sediment settling for construction projects. Chemical sludge mixing. Feed system for dewatering. Smooth interior wall for easy cleanout. Urethane exterior coating. Skid mounted.

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Recommended Resources
HYDROVEX RDS Rotary Drum Sieve

The HYDROVEX RDS Rotary Drum Sieve, consisting mainly of a rotating sieve and a cleaning brush, is installed on the upstream side of the overflow weir. During dry weather conditions, the unit is at rest and above the water level. As the water level rises, the drum is submerged and the effluent enters the sieve from the outside in (transverse flow). When the water level reaches the overflow weir, the drum sieve and brush begin to rotate.

Remote Monitoring Solves Overflow And Lost Data Problems

In London, Ontario, an aging combined sewer system created flooding issues, and the city’s outdated monitoring system provided unreliable and inconsistent data to indicate why. By installing a remote monitoring system, engineers were able to determine the exact source of the overflow problems. In this case study, find out how the implementation of wireless flow meters can lower operations and maintenance costs.

Complete Radium Removal

WRT's radium removal process is designed to be added to any new or existing potable water system. Water is passed in an upflow mode through a fluidized bed of Z-88 media in the treatment columns, where radium is removed by means of ion exchange.

TAF Series

The "TAF" is an easy-to-operate automatic plastic filter, with a self-cleaning mechanism driven by an electric motor. The filter is designed to work with various types of screens in filtration degrees from 500 to 10 micron.

How Green Is Your Plant?

Up to 70 percent of the lifecycle cost of a typical air compressor installation goes into energy consumption. And do you know how your compressed air installation relates to that average?

Model 394L Bidirectional And 395L Forward Flow With M-Series Converter

The FPI (full profile insertion) Mag electromagnetic flow meter is the only hot-tap, full-profile, insertion flow meter available on the market.

From The Editor
How Are We Solving PFC Contamination?
By Peter Chawaga

PFC contamination is the number one drinking water issue today. So how are local and federal leaders working to put an end to it?

Featured Guest Column
Trump Ups Estimate For Infrastructure Investment To $1.5 Trillion
By Mary Scott Nabers

The nation’s long-awaited Infrastructure Plan was expected to result in a $1 trillion nationwide infrastructure investment. According to a draft document leaked ahead of President Trump's State of the Union address, the plan has now grown to an investment forecast of approximately $1.5 trillion.

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