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Xylem is proud to introduce the world's first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. A breakthrough innovation, Flygt Concertor™ is capable of sensing the operating conditions of its environment, adapting its performance in real time, and providing feedback to pumping station operators.

We've developed a host of materials so you can learn more about the world's first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. Download the brochure or watch the video.

Featured Products
SedVac Sediment Removal System

Unlike traditional pipe systems, the Brentwood SedVac cleans all the way down to the basin floor without clogging. SedVac’s unique design funnels the sludge and scrapes the floor, resulting in consistent solids removal of three percent concentration while wasting less water than traditional pipe systems. These features mean less interruptions in production and no more hosing down your basin.

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Brentwood Industries, Inc.
Denitrification Featuring Unique SNAP-T Block Underdrain

The DE NORA TETRA Denite system combines denitrification and filtration for the effective removal of nitrate-nitrogen and suspended solids in a single treatment step. The unique SNAP-T Block underdrain provides superior distribution of backwash air and water, resulting in more efficient bed cleaning and reduced filter operating costs. The revolutionary interlocking grid design has no moving parts and resists uplift without the need for grout or anchors.

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De Nora
Microclor On-Site Hypochlorite Generation System

Microclor On-Site Hypochlorite Generation (OSHG) is the safe, reliable, and sustainable solution for water or wastewater disinfection. As concerns mount regarding the safety and security of using chlorine gas for water disinfection, many utilities are choosing sodium hypochlorite (bleach) as a safer alternative.

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UGSI Solutions, Inc.
HRS Submersible Mixers

HOMA submersible mixers are used in various applications: homogenization, suspension of solids, flow generation, freeze prevention, and other mixing or flushing duties. Fibrous solids in the medium are particularly challenging because they lead to entanglement/fouling in the propeller area that can seriously impair the performance of the mixer.

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HOMA Pump Technology
Jet Mixer

Jet mixers offer superior mixing of large-diameter tanks by providing uniform energy distribution while minimizing power input. This mixing technology results in decreased reaction times, improved liquid blending, and off-bottom suspension of light, organic solids. Jet mixers are used in wastewater treatment applications where blending, solids suspension, flow generation, or chemical reactions are key process parameters.

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KLa Systems
Aqua Rhino In-Channel Escalating Screen

Parkson's Aqua Rhino is not your standard step screen. Manufactured in the USA, it’s extremely durable and features the thickest lifting blades and frames on the market. A direct-drive linkage system eliminates all chains and sprockets and, when combined with its robust design, provides high performance and durability in a cost-efficient package.

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Parkson Corporation
High-Speed Turbo Blower

The construction and functional principles of a turbo blower of the current AERZEN AT and TB series are simple and at the same time effective. As the air supply of modern wastewater treatment plants is clearly designed for maximum availability, high energy efficiency, and long maintenance cycles, AERZEN uses for the demanding bearing system within turbo blowers neither oil nor other lubricants — but simply air.

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ADI-BVF Reactor

ADI Systems from Evoqua is the exclusive provider of the ADI-BVF reactor, a stable and robust anaerobic digestion system that treats wastewater streams with moderate to high concentrations of organics (COD/BOD), suspended solids, and fat, oil, and grease (FOG) — typically without the need for primary treatment. The reactor can be configured as an in-ground earthen basin or an above-ground tank based on space availability.

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Evoqua Water Technologies
Integrated Blower Packages

Kaeser has been a leader in creating fully packaged blower systems that are reliable, durable, energy efficient, and simple to maintain. Our line of Com-paK blower packages sets the standard in the blower industry.

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Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
Model 4200-EC Gas Vacuum Feeder Controller

The JCS Industries Model 4200-EC Gas Vacuum Chemical Feeder mixes and feeds gaseous chemicals commonly used for water and wastewater disinfection accurately, reliably, and safely. The system is composed of a vacuum injector to safely introduce the gas into the feedwater stream, a reversing servo motor coupled with a V-notch valve to regulate the chemical flow rate, and a control module for complete electronic control and communications.

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JCS Industries Inc.
FlexRake FP: Full Penetration Coarse Screen

A front-clean, front-return, mechanically cleaned bar screen technology that utilizes stainless-steel rectangular true bars with 5/8” to 4” openings.

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Flow Booster Type ABS XSB

The low-speed submersible mixer is the biggest of its type on the market for wastewater treatment and cuts energy consumption by a remarkable 25 percent. It achieves this through a premium-efficiency motor, a highly efficient gearbox, and a unique, innovative hydraulic design that boosts mixer efficiency as proven by exhaustive testing.

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Sulzer Pumps Solutions Inc.
RakeMax Multirake Bar Screen

When considering effective treatment technology performing at design standards, the headworks of a plant might be the most critical place in a WWTP. What happens there will greatly influence the downstream process.

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Huber Technology, Inc.
TrojanUVSigna: Wastewater Disinfection System

Chlorine is not the only viable disinfection option for mid- and large-scale applications. With the TrojanUVSigna, operators and engineers can confidently choose UV and benefit from its inherent safety features, cost-saving advantages, and disinfection performance.

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Ultrasonic Portable Test Tool 01-TT

The 01-TT ultrasonic test tool is a portable, battery operated source of ultrasound for periodic testing of the Incus ultrasonic gas leak detector. The test tool produces ultrasound to verify response of an ultrasonic gas leak detector without the need for an open gas release. The unit is suitable for use in nonhazardous (declassified) areas or in hazardous areas with the appropriate permits.

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The AquaNereda Aerobic Granular Sludge System is an innovative biological wastewater treatment technology that provides advanced treatment using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. The unique process features of the AquaNereda system translate into a flexible and compact process that offers energy efficiency and significantly lower chemical consumption.

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Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

OpWorks is a customizable, web-based solution for facility operators, superintendents, and managers. OpWorks lets you create a single user interface for data entry and reporting and assists with making better facility management and operating decisions.

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FLT93S FlexSwitch Flow Switch

The FLT93S insertion type FlexSwitch for flow and temperature monitoring represents the first true technological breakthrough in thermal technology in over a decade.

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Fluid Components International
Orenco Sewer

Orenco Sewer is a cost-effective, environmentally sound wastewater collection system. With an Orenco Sewer, raw sewage flows from a house or business to a watertight underground tank. Only the filtered liquid portion is discharged (by either pump or gravity) to shallow, small-diameter collection lines that follow the contour of the land.

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Orenco Systems, Inc.
Electromagnetic Flow Meters

As founder and world market leader in electromagnetic flow meter technology, for more than 45 years KROHNE has been impressing their customers with innovations, innovations that continue to set the standard today for the competition. The OPTIFLUX product line is an excellent example of this: a converter for all applications.

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