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Reduce Non-Revenue Water

For most water system managers, achieving long term and sustainable reductions in NRW requires buy-in from all departments, adequate financial resources to implement the required reduction measures and technical expertise to achieve the targets. Building on the results of the water audit, establishing achievable NRW reduction targets and setting your economic leakage level requires proven experience and expertise. Using the portfolio of Echologics technologies, our in-house NRW experts can help utilities reduce NRW.

Featured Articles On Non-Revenue Water
Insta-Valve 250 Patriot Works Under Pressure
By Hydra-Stop

Buchanan County had a project that required repairs to a pumping station that boosts the pressure high enough to get water to a tank at the top of a mountain. The line pressure needed to accomplish this is 250 psi. After considering options, Buchanan County selected the Hydra-Stop Insta-Valve 250 Patriot. Read the full project profile to learn more.

Non-Revenue Water Is A Money Pit. Here's Your Way Out
By Master Meter, Inc.

According to the U.S. EPA, $97 billion will be needed over the next two decades to control water loss, comprising 29 percent of the needed upgrade costs in the space overall. The agency estimates that average water loss for a system is 16 percent, with 75 percent of that being recoverable.

Aging Infrastructure: Repair Or Replace?
A Q&A With Mueller Water Products

Aging infrastructure, including water networks, is an ongoing problem. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) provides a four-year report card on the state of our infrastructure, and the water sector received a grade of "D" on the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. Clearly, much work is needed to bring our water systems up to par. But with finances consistently tight, knowing how and where to spend is crucial.

Small Cities Are Big Smart Water Proponents
By Badger Meter

A rising number of small cities are adopting smart water meter technology as a way to cut costs. One Texas city, for instance, is benefiting from the efficiencies provided by Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

Non-Revenue Water Infographic
From Sensus

Check out this infographic that highlights solutions for improving water sustainability and reducing non-revenue water loss.

Industry News

Chicago water department employees say racism persists at their workplace despite city efforts to rectify the problem over the past eight months.

Technology Showcase
Wipes Ready Technology

New wipes ready technologies from JWC Environmental ensure your system runs productively and effectively, eliminating the clogging issues and equipment damage associated with wipes and nondispersibles in the waste stream.

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JWC Environmental
OSCAR Process Performance Optimizer For Biological Treatment Processes

The OSCAR control system looks beyond the energy efficiency of individual components to the entire biological process for a variety of applications. Leveraging Xylem’s extensive product, controls, and biological process expertise, the OSCAR system was developed to provide a comprehensive solution for a plant’s needs.

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Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand
Liqui-Cel MM Series Membrane Contactors

Liqui-Cel MM Series Membrane Contactors from Membrana come in three sizes. The only difference is size, which allows them to handle different capacities.

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3M Separation and Purification Sciences Division
Laser Level Transmitter LLT100

The LLT100 is specifically made for industrial applications and harsh environments. It provides continuous, noncontact level measurement capabilities for process automation and inventory management in industries such as mining, aggregates, oil and gas, chemicals, food and beverages, power, pulp and paper, pharma, and water and wastewater.

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ABB Measurement & Analytics
Recommended Resources
New Certified Standard Solutions For Photometric Water Analysis

For reliable quality control of photometric water analysis, we give you just what you need: ready-to-use diluted certified reference materials with exact concentrations, expanded measurement uncertainty, and direct traceability to NIST. Experience the highest standards in precision.

Flow Calibration Laboratory

Fluid Components International operates a state-of-the-art flow calibration laboratory with the versatility to quickly transition through a wide range of calibration fluids, line sizes, and process connections.

Rosemount Annubar Flow Meter Series

Rosemount Annubar flow meters arrive fully assembled, configured, and leak-tested. They are the only flow meters that deliver real-time mass flow with a single pipe penetration, reducing engineering, hardware, and installation expenses.

From The Editor
3 Water/Wastewater Efficiency Trends To Watch In 2018
By Peter Chawaga

2018 is sure to be marked with advancements that make water and wastewater treatment more efficient and sustainable. To keep up with the areas best poised for improvement this year, here is a look at three practices that are in need of change.

Featured Guest Column
Water Meter Data Management — To Sink Or SWIM (Part 1)
By Jeff Lipton

The role of a Meter Data Management System (MDMS) is not well defined within the water industry. Many products on the market claim to provide MDM functionality, but few people understand the value of what these systems offer. To understand how this confusion has come about and what can be done to address data management needs in the water industry, we need to first examine the evolution of the MDM.

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