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The Vaughan Conditioning Pump is a Vaughan Submersible Chopper Pump mounted on a portable stand, fitted with a high-velocity mixing nozzle. It recirculates wet wells, chopping and mixing to produce homogeneous slurry that’s more easily pumped out. In one project, the Vaughan Chopper Pump paid for itself in 2.5 months. Visit our new Vaughan Conditioning Pump webpage for more information, including the latest case study.

Featured Articles On Aeration And Mixing
Jet Aeration Systems: A Tool For Improved SBR Operation
By KLa Systems

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs) are a variation of the activated sludge process that combine treatment steps into a single basin. Based on a fill-and-draw method, major phases of the SBR process include a cycle of fill (with or without aeration), react, settle, decant, and idle. Today, successful flow control strategies have made SBRs state-of-the-art technology. SBRs are commonly used today and are especially beneficial for many industrial applications.

Reduce SBR Maintenance Costs With Jet Aeration
By Evoqua Water Technologies

Aeration has been a primary method for treating municipal and industrial wastewater for over a century. It is a natural way to reduce biological oxygen demand (BOD) and control odors. In the SBR process, aeration helps foster nitrification by bubbling air through the mixture of wastewater and activated sludge, encouraging the multiplication of aerobic microbes that consume nutrients and convert ammonia into nitrites and nitrates.

Looking For Consistent Aeration Performance Over Time? Consider Jet Aeration
By Parkson Corporation

The VariOx jet aeration system is an aeration and mixing device used in numerous water and wastewater treatment applications. The jet aerator consists of an inner liquid nozzle and outer air nozzle. Liquid from the tank is recirculated through the inner nozzle at a high velocity. Concurrently, air is fed into the outer nozzle where it is combined with the high-velocity liquid from the inner nozzle and discharged as a high-energy plume. Air to the nozzles can be varied, or turned off, allowing the system to be used as both a mixing system and an aeration system.

Upgrade To Diffused Aeration Results In Significant Energy Savings
By Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand

After 35 years of use, the fiberglass jet aeration manifolds in the Western Regional Water Reclamation Plant (Dayton, OH) had deteriorated, rendering four of eight wastewater aeration tanks inoperable. Managers recognized an opportunity to utilize a fine bubble diffused aeration system that eliminated the need for the pumps. The result: higher oxygen transfer efficiency and reduced power costs to operate the system.

AquaSBR System Installed To Increase Capacity In A Small Footprint
By Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

The West Central Conservancy District (WCCD), located in Hendricks County, IN, was formed to resolve sewer issues that the service area was experiencing with the local utilities company in the mid-1980s.

Meeting Stringent Discharge Levels With AccuFAS
By Brentwood Industries, Inc.

When the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities in Coldwater, MI, abruptly received new ammonia permit limits in August of 2007, they hired consultants to help guide them to the best solution for their new problem. With a full measure of influent waste variety consisting of residential, commercial, industrial, and septage, and a new seasonal permit limit of 2 mg/L, Coldwater hoped for a budget-friendly solution to consistently perform through peak flows and industrial shockloading.

Bringing Wastewater Lagoons Back Into Compliance With Sludge-Activating Aerators
A Q&A With RELIANT Water Technologies

Lagoons have been an accepted method of wastewater treatment for many years. However, after they are in use for an extended time period they are often plagued with problems, including odors, sludge buildup, and poor effluent quality. Water Online spoke with Jim Dartez of Reliant Water Technologies to learn how wastewater lagoons work and how to ensure they stay in compliance with regulations.

MABR For Wastewater Treatment Features Passive Aeration And Saves Up To 90% On Energy Costs
By Fluence

The Bordeaux region of St. Thomas had a pressing need for a wastewater treatment plant that produces high effluent quality. Its existing plant was old and did not meet regulation or industry standards. Fluence, together with its partner SD&C Inc., built a membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR)-based wastewater treatment plant from the ground up, utilizing whatever existing pieces of equipment could be used from the old plant.

  Parkson's Aqua Rhino™ In-Channel Escalating Screen — Providing Durability and Superior Performance

Manufactured in the USA, Parkson’s Aqua Rhino™ is the most durable step screen on the market, featuring the thickest lifting blades and frames and a direct drive linkage system that eliminates all chains and sprockets. Its robust design and advanced drive system provide high performance and durability in a cost-efficient package. Learn more

Technology Showcase
Centrifugal Grinder Pumps

The Flygt 3000 series of centrifugal grinder pumps are high-efficiency pumps suitable for handling solids-bearing liquids in residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. 

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Flygt -- A Xylem Brand
TL23 Series Benchtop Turbidimeter

Trusted measurement for high-range turbidity applications, simplified. The new TL23 Series of laboratory turbidimeters blend trusted technology and improved features to simplify testing in the most demanding industrial and wastewater applications.

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Hach Company
Signet 4150 Turbidimeter

The Signet 4150 measures turbidity via a 90-degree light, which reflects particles as they flow through a small-volume, low-flow glass cuvette.

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GF Piping Systems
Recommended Resources
AMERICAN Products Used In Cobb-Marietta West Side Loop Project

Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority’s West Side Loop 48” Replacement Project is being conducted to provide additional water to western Cobb County and Paulding County in Georgia. AMERICAN provided approximately 30,000 feet of 48”-diameter V-Bio wrapped ductile iron pipe and more than 20 resilient wedge gate valves with Flex-Ring ends in sizes 24” to 48” in diameter.

Turbidity And Total Suspended Solids (TSS) Sensor: Aztec ATS430

The impact of rising populations and growing pollution from industrial activity are making it more important than ever to keep a check on what’s entering the world’s watercourses.

Leak Detection And Management

These days, operators and managers of water treatment plants are losing sleep. Why? Because they may be losing water.

From The Editor
Lessons From DC Water's Rock Star, George Hawkins
By Kevin Westerling

In just eight years at DC Water, which provides drinking water, sewage collection, and sewage treatment in Washington, D.C., serving more than 600,000 residents, George Hawkins transformed the utility from insular and guarded to open and innovative.

Featured Guest Column
Water And The Internet of Things: 2018
By Fred Greguras, Attorney, Royse Law

I became interested in water and the Internet of Things (IoT) several years ago when I had a below groundwater leak at home that resulted in a large water bill. Since I live in the Silicon Valley, CA, the high tech capital of the world, I thought there should be a better way to track water usage so problems can be identified and solved sooner.

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