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Introducing Claros Water Intelligence System From Hach

Changing regulations, unpredictable influent levels, and instrument downtime are all problems plant operators encounter. Without a clear picture of their water or data, operators face uncertainty about efficiency and compliance. Imagine the time savings, cost reductions, and peace of mind that a complete “water intelligence system” could provide. Claros™, the Water Intelligence System from Hach®, focuses on instrument, data, and process management to help reduce uncertainty and increase operational confidence.

See the Power of Claros.

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How To Improve Water Treatment With Innovative Technology
A Q&A With De Nora

Water professionals are constantly looking for ways to produce the highest quality water while staying within limited budgets. In addition, regulations are constantly changing, becoming increasingly stringent. New technologies are essential to meeting customer demands for quality and cost.

The Basics: Testing RO Quality
By Myron L Company

Osmosis is the phenomenon of lower dissolved solids in water passing through a semipermeable membrane into higher dissolved solids water until a near equilibrium is reached.

What's Faulty: Your Treatment Or Your Testing?
By Taylor Reynolds, MilliporeSigma

The primary reason for laboratory testing at a water or wastewater plant is to determine if the facilities are meeting regulatory limits. Both proper operation and accurate testing are of utmost importance to ensure compliance. However, regulators and operators must consider limitations of the test methodology, as they may affect analysis results. The last thing any plant manager wants is unwarranted problems as a result of faulty analysis.

How To Use Biological Filtration To Meet Today’s Clean Water Challenges

Utilities and industries need reliable and cost-effective treatment methods to protect critical water resources. Water professionals want proven technology to remove contaminants from drinking water, wastewater, and process water. These technologies must also be able to operate under a variety of flows and conditions.

Integrated Membrane Facility Piloted To Treat Surface Water
By Toray Membrane USA

To better comply with the Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2), the City of Delaware, OH, piloted Torayfil hollow-fiber PVDF membrane modules to treat surface water for their 7.2 MGD full-scale facility. After significant review of the data, cost, and other factors, the City and URS selected Toray to utilize in the full-scale design. Read the full case study to learn more.

Industry News

In New Orleans, the storm drains appear to be decked out for a party — that’s because they are clogged with Mardi Gras beads.

Technology Showcase
4,000-Gallon Poly Tank Total Drain

This type of tank is not to be used for food applications. Potable water applications are generally not acceptable and must be reviewed by the corporate office first for approval.

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RDLO: Axially Split Volute Casing Pump

Single-stage, axially split volute casing pump for horizontal or vertical installation with double-entry radial impeller, mating flanges to DIN, ISO, BS, or ANSI.

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KSB, Inc.
DR 6000 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer

With UV and visible spectrum capabilities, over 250 preprogrammed methods including the most common testing methods used, guided procedures, and integrated quality assurance software, the DR 6000 ensures you are ready to handle your comprehensive water testing needs.

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Hach Company
MicroSentry HTF Series

Manufactured in various styles, materials, and media types for optimal particle retention efficiency and solids-loading capacity, and with standard sizes to fit most bag filter housings.

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Shelco Filters
Recommended Resources
WEDECO 400plus Series Ozone Monitors

The WEDECO 400plus Series ozone monitors are state-of-the-art ozone monitors for low, medium, and high concentration applications. All monitors utilize the UV absorption measurement principle of operation and are enclosed in a robust, NEMA 4X enclosure. Additionally, all medium- and high-concentration models in the 400plus Series come equipped with an ozone destruct to ensure safe operation at all times.

MODEL 12 Modular Carbon Adsorption System

The Calgon Carbon MODEL 12 is an adsorption system designed for the removal of dissolved organic contaminants from liquids using granular activated carbon.

16" IVP 250 Insertion Valve

The 16” IVP 250 from Hydra-Stop is the next generation of permanent, insertable gate valves offering increased strength, improved performance, and simplified installation and operation. A result of years of successful installations and dedicated research and development, this redesigned and reengineered gate valve continues Hydra-Stop’s legacy of setting the industry standard for insertion valves.

Operation Manual: Signet 4150 Turbidimeter
The Signet 4150 Turbidimeter provides accurate and reliable water quality monitoring for municipal and industrial applications.
Wonderware InTouch

InTouch enables users to quickly create and manage standardized, reusable industrial applications to maximize the return on engineering, shorten project times, more clearly inform operators, reduce risk, and significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Innovations In Activated Carbon

With specialty production facilities in Sri Lanka and China, Jacobi Carbons annually produces over 60,000 metric tons of carbon made of coconut shell, coal, and wood for use in over 100 countries worldwide. This video presents customer perspectives of the company’s dedication to innovation, customer service, and consistent, high-quality products for applications in drinking water filtration.

Featured Guest Column
Is Cryptocurrency Going Down the Drain?
By Jim Lauria

Talk about making waves. Cryptocurrency — digital “tokens” or “coins” rooted in computer code and valued for the very fact that they are disconnected from governments and banks — have experienced spectacular rises and falls in recent months. The crypto-economy is already worth hundreds of billions of dollars (REAL dollars!), and it’s anyone’s guess how fast it will grow after that.

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