News | January 22, 2014

New Portable Data Collection Solution

Source: Hach Company
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A New portable solutions for Hach WIMS makes error free data collection easier than ever. Hach is recently announce support for doForms and AuditMatic software on mobile devices. Easily collect data from anywhere, any time and automatically import to the WIMS data management system. New or existing doForms or AuditMatic solutions can now be used for capturing data from your water and wastewater processes. Both solutions replace cumbersome paper data collection processes and increase efficiency, effectiveness and data accuracy.

Collect data on Android, iPad and iPhone (Android and IOS operating systems) mobile devices with doForms and AuditMatic. AuditMatic also runs on Windows Mobile handheld computers and Windows tablets.

  • Collect timely and accurate data in the field using existing smartphones and tablets
  • Quickly identify problems in the field with range checking and other available tools
  • Easily push routes to the mobile device for highest efficiency and fast updates
  • Store and forward when not connected. doForms and AuditMatic handhelds can store the data locally and synchronize once connected via wired, WI-FI or cellular networks.
  • Both solutions offer programming free set up
  • doForms is based on a cloud application to safely capture and forward your data
  • AuditMatic synchronizes with the on-premise AuditMatic server

These easy-to-use mobile solutions are cost-effective ways to expand your existing WIMS capabilities. Mobile data collection improves efficiencies by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of your data. For more information, visit Or

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SOURCE: Hach Company