News | August 3, 2010

New MD-4 Pilot Unit Provides Customers With On-Site Analysis Of Cloth Media Technology

Source: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
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The new MD-4 Cloth Media Pilot Unit is a fully enclosed, Great Dane 53 foot, drop deck trailer. At its core is a 1-disk Aqua MiniDisk® cloth media filter with several aesthetic, operational and functional upgrades providing greater flexibility for each unique customer application.

The MD-4 unit includes a fully equipped lab area with the ability to accomplish on-site analysis for most operating parameters such as total suspended solids monitoring, and particle size analysis. It offers functional and operational features such as variable speed drives, chemical pre-conditioning, online flow and turbidity measurements. All are tied into a SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) package. The new pilot unit also features a VFD (variable frequency drive) controlled influent pump that has greater flexibility for custom influent needs such as solids loading and pH adjustment prior to the filter, and the ability to accept water from a customer supplied, gravity-fed day tank. In addition to the pilot unit's internal upgrade, the exterior features a full-color graphic display of the technology.

Technology pilot demonstrations can be beneficial by providing a snapshot of essential process operating conditions and allowing the customer to actively interact with the cloth media technology as well as Aqua-Aerobic personnel. The MD-4 Cloth Media Pilot Unit demonstrates Aqua-Aerobic Systems' on-going commitment to development of future filtration projects and providing solutions to its customers.

SOURCE: Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.