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11.11.21 -- New Lead-Contamination Ground Zero; Digital Twin At A 45-Year-Old WWTP


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ArcGIS Apps: A Collection Of Integrated, Location-Based Apps That Work Wherever You Do.

On your desktop, mobile device, or in your browser, jumpstart your workflows with ArcGIS Apps’ collection of integrated, location-based apps that are ready to work, wherever you do. Propelled by Esri’s world-leading mapping software, use the power of location to visualize data, improve coordination, achieve operational efficiencies, and gain insight. 

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Aerzen’s AERprocess Dissolved Oxygen Control is an integrated solution for controlling the dissolved oxygen (DO) concentration in the activated sludge treatment process and the blowers used to generate the process air flow requirement. The AERprocess system can maintain DO concentrations at their set points using a smart and efficient control strategy.

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UniSystem Package Wastewater Treatment Plant

The standard UniSystem package plant is a rectangular tank consisting of an aeration chamber, hopper bottom clarifier, sludge holding tank, and chlorine disinfection chamber. Aeration Industries can supply painted carbon steel tankage or all of the internals and ancillary equipment for installation in concrete tanks. 

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Newterra, Ltd.
Pista Sand Removal Chamber For Power Plants
After pioneering the first flat-floor forced vortex grit chamber, S&L continues to lead the industry in advanced hydraulic grit removal research and development by emphasizing a combination of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis and field testing. The state-of-the-art PISTA brand is the most specified in North America.
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Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Asset Performance Optimization: Comprehensive Asset Risk Analytics And Planning Support Services

When it comes to managing pipeline assets, your responsibilities are as wide-ranging as your network. Traditionally, asset management efforts would be primarily focused on maintaining the quality and efficiency of the water network with an age-based approach to pipeline repair and replacement.

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Xylem Decision Intelligence
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Improve Water And Wastewater Operations With Advanced Analytics

Across water and wastewater organizations, engineering decisions are too often made based on subjective judgements. Considering how inexpensive and easy modern automation makes it to generate and collect massive amounts of process data, the propensity to make decisions by gut feel may seem far-fetched to a bystander. For plant personnel, however, the struggle to improve upon instinct is often all too real.

Filtration Technologies Product Overview
The superior performance of the PPG membrane is driven by advancements in material science made by PPG’s team of scientists and engineers. The proprietary manufacturing process allows a precise pore size, which can be varied over the ultrafiltration and microfiltration ranges with a narrower pore size distribution compared to conventionally cast membranes.
Multistage Centrifugal Low Pressure Pump

The Multistage Centrifugal Low-Pressure Pump has a multitude of benefits for both drinking water and wastewater treatment, including: high efficiency, a high inlet pressure option — up to 80 bar, flow rates from 20 – 560 m3/h (88 – 2,465 gpm), pressure from <82 bar (1,200 psi), a low maintenance design, easy installation and rapid commissioning, and a smooth and quiet operation.

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