Enhanced Flygt N-Technology by Xylem

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The Flygt N-Pump series has been engineered to perfection, resulting in efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping over long duty periods.

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The Flygt N-Pump series has been engineered to perfection, resulting in efficient, reliable and trouble-free pumping over long duty periods. And by improving operational economy, this new series of pumps can have a dramatic effect on the total life costs of an installation.

Externally, the difference is noticeable right away: the smooth new shapes are easy to keep clean and easier to service. But it's inside where the difference really counts.

The heart of the new generation N-Pumps is the patented N-Hydraulics. The unique, semi-open impeller, combined with the relief groove in the volute, has been proven to significantly reduce the risk of clogging while sustaining high pumping efficiency, even under the most severe conditions.

Unit availability and longevity have been taken even further by using class H insulated motors with improved cooling: less heat, less wear and tear. There's even a separate inspection chamber for rapid checking and maintenance.

And since our N-Pumps are guaranteed to save at least 25% on energy consumption, you might also qualify for Green Stimulus funds as specified by the Federal government’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009. In some states, local utilities have received grants that provide Flygt N-Pumps for free! Check with your state officials and maximize your benefits. Save big. Save now. Switch to the Flygt N-Pump.

The new generation N-Pumps feature numerous advanced technical solutions, which together help to minimize the risk of downtime, and reduce the overall costs of a pumping operation.

Reliability is a key factor for a low total operational cost. That's why the new generation N-pumps has been designed combining both new and long proven Flygt Product technology, making them the most reliable wastewater pumps found on the market today.

On average, power consumption is about 80% of the total cost of operation. This is why the new generation N-pumps provide high sustained operating efficiency.

Maintenance optimized
The new generation N-pumps are maintenance optimized, contributing to low operating costs. Range
The new pumps, which have pumping capacities up to 8,700 gpm (550l/s), have undergone extensive testing in the field. The results from these tests show considerably lower energy consumption and reduced operating problems.

The broad range of pumping capacities offered by the new pump range, coupled with the self-cleaning advantages of the impeller and volute design, has opened up new possibilities for cost-effective operation in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Wastewater pumping
  • Sludge handling
  • Raw water pumping
  • Cooling water
  • Storm water handling
  • Industrial effluent handling.

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