White Paper

New Electromagnetic Water Meter Technology Improves Accuracy And Reliability

Source: KROHNE, Inc.

Electromagnetic water meters are becoming more and more popular for bulk measurement of residential and commercial drinking water, especially as pricing and metering gain traction as tools for more efficient use of water and water conservation. The more valuable water becomes, the more interested the market is in the accuracy and reliability of water meters. Other traditional metering technology, like mechanical and flow obstruction meters, are less effective in precisely measuring water.

In the past, several issues stood in the way of electromagnetic water meter accuracy and reliability, including situations in which there are minimal flows, and close quarter installation with less than optimal up and downstream straight runs. In addition, the need for mains and backup power in the event of a power failure detracted from the usefulness of electromagnetic meters. Cabling costs can be high, especially in remote areas as well as highly populated areas, and cables are subject to tampering.

New technology on the market, like the KROHNE WATERFLUX electromagnetic meter, eliminates these challenges, offering excellent low-flow accuracy with no upstream or downstream straight run requirements. Equipped with batteries that can last for ten years or longer, the new technology also facilitates automatic data reading and collection. This is especially beneficial for water meters distributed over wide areas or located in remote areas or locations that are difficult to reach.