News | May 8, 2014

Neptune Benson Introduces ETS-Ultraviolet Offshore Mobile Package For Sea Water Disinfection

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

ETS Ultraviolet containerized UV disinfection package for the treatment and removal of Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) from sea water.

Beaver Dam, WI - Neptune Benson, a leading manufacturer of commercial filtration systems, ETS- UV disinfection systems, and components, has recently designed a state of the art containerized UV disinfection package for the treatment and removal of SRB’s (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria) from sea water.

Each UV treatment stream is designed to treat over 1000m3 /hr with a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at a transmittance of 90%.  The normal operation capacity for the system is 3000 m3/hr using three UV systems, however up to 6 UV systems can be brought online at once to accommodate either a drop in water quality or an increase in flow. 

UV disinfection, supplemented by periodic shock dosing using chemical biocides is perfectly suited to downhole injection applications and has proved to be both a cost effective and highly efficient method of removing harmful microorganisms such as SRB’s from water sources.

A correctly sized ETS UV disinfection system such as this package shown dramatically reduces the amount and frequency of chemical dosing and vastly reduces the associated handling and transportation costs.  Estimated savings for a SRB treatment application such as down-hole injection switching to UV treatment are substantial in chemical biocide cost savings alone.

All the equipment is installed in a custom made 20’ offshore rated shipping container.  The container design includes interior and emergency lighting, air conditioning, heating, insulation, drip trays, custom designed crew access doors and is designed for a single point lift.  Additionally a specially designed recessed power socket is provided for “plug and play” operation on site.

Benefits of this system include:

  1. Small footprint
  2. Fully automatic
  3. UV Dose-paced
  4. No complex monitoring equipment required.
  5. Minus 680 F – plus 1220F
  6. Substantial chemical savings

About Neptune Benson

Since 1956 Neptune Benson has been synonymous with water filtration serving the aquatics, industrial and municipal markets.  Featuring award-winning brands such as the Defender® regenerative media filter and the ETS-UV ultraviolet disinfection system; Neptune Benson also offers  Legacy® sand filters, the AEGIS® anti-entrapment shield, moveable bulkheads, Dominion™ butterfly valves, Guardian™ strainers, greendrive™VFD systems, as well as all Lawson Aquatics accessory products.  See our website for more information:

SOURCE: Evoqua Water Technologies