Datasheet | March 19, 2014

Mueller® Super Centurion 350™ Fire Hydrant Datasheet

Source: Mueller Co.

Our Centurion® 5-1/4” main valve fire hydrants are now available with 350 psi working and 700 psi test pressure ratings as an option. The Centurion 350™ Hydrant is built to take the pressure in more ways than one. Its reinforced main valve reliably seals at this higher pressure rating – and it’s reversible. Up top in the bonnet, a roller bearing above the thrust collar assures easy operation of the hydrant when opening or closing. The automatic lubrication system that force circulates oil over all surfaces of the operating nut and stem threads help to make sure the Mueller Centurion hydrant remains easy to operate year after year – it’s a Mueller exclusive design. Of course, O-ring seals are used throughout, just as they are on our standard Centurion hydrants to assure leak-free seals at all flange connections, nozzles and within the operating mechanism.