Mueller® A-2361 Resilient Wedge Valves


MUELLER® 2-1/2"-12" Resilient Wedge Gate Valve

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  • Two Anti - Friction Washers –- polymer washers (one above and one below the thrust collar) further reduce operating torque in both the opening and closing directions.
  • Stem –- machined from forged manganese bronze bar stock for strength where it is needed most, at the thrust collar.
  • Wedge –- cast iron, fully encapsulated in molded rubber complying with ASTM D2000.
  • Mueller® Pro-Gard™ Fusion Epoxy Coating–-of nominal 10 mils protects all interior and exterior exposed iron surfaces and complies fully with AWWA C550 and is certified to NSF 61.
  • Manufactured And Tested –- in compliance with ANSI/AWWA C509 Standard and is certified to ANSI/NSF 61. Manufactured at facility with ISO 9001 certification and UL 262, FM 1120/1130.
  • Bi-Directional Flow
  • Flat Bottom Surfaces – allow all 2360 series valves to stand upright for ease of handling and storage.
  • Triple O-Rign Seals –- two above the thrust collar; one below. Uppermost serves as dirt seal. Retain lubrication on thrust collar and isolate it from waterway and outside contamination. Top two can be replaced with valve fully open and under pressure.
  • 350 PSIG Maximum Working Pressure – hydrostatically tested to a maximum pressure of 700 psig
  • Extended Wedge Guides–-molded as part of the wedge, fit into guide channels in the valve body and maintain optimum wedge alignment with the stem throughout the wedge’s travel, preventing the disc from tilting downstream during operation.
  • Guide Cap Bearings –-protective guide cap bearings made of a polymer bearing material snap over each rubber encapsulated guide on the wedge, providing a bearing interface between the wedge guides and the body’s interior guide channels, protecting both from wear, even after thousands of cycles under severe pressure and flow conditions.
  • Smooth, Oversized Flow Way –- all Mueller 2360 series RW Valves have a full, round, unobstructed flow way which accommodates full-sized shell cutters without interference and which provides superior flow characteristics.
  • Ten Year Limited Warranty –- (see separate Mueller Warranty document for terms).

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