MOS (Mixed Oxidant Solution)

Source: MIOX Corporation


Replace dangerous delivered chemicals and achieve maximum disinfection efficacy through on-site chemical generation.

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MIOX Mixed Oxidant Solution (MOS) generators are engineered for maximum disinfection efficacy through proprietary cell design, control of power and cell geometry.  As a leader in OSG innovation, MIOX learned early on that the electrolytic cell inputs and operational parameters could be tuned to produce aqueous chlorine solutions with substantially different oxidation and disinfection properties. These observations, coupled with extensive engineering and microbiological research, allowed MIOX to develop a unique OSG product line capable of reliably producing MOS.

MOS has been proven in numerous 3rd party laboratory studies to achieve more rapid and thorough inactivation of a wider range of microbial contaminants, including species highly resistant to chlorination.

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