Newsletter | November 1, 2021

11.01.21 -- Monthly Special Edition: Focus On Food Processing


The Water Online audience is familiar with blowers and compressors for aeration purposes, while readers of Food Online, our affiliate site, find other uses for compressed air. This month’s Focus On Food Processing newsletter is dedicated to compressed air technology exclusive to food & beverage applications.

Food Safety And Compressed Air: Meeting Safety Goals Without Wasting Capital And Resources

Keeping physical contaminants out of food products is top of mind for every food processor. But compressed air systems in food plants present unique challenges in preventing contamination while keeping costs low. This article offers guidance on how to best meet food safety goals without wasting capital, operations, and maintenance resources.

Oversized And Underutilized: An Epidemic
In over ten thousand air systems audits, it was discovered that most systems have far more capacity than needed. This article looks at some actual examples of oversized systems and the costs that result from them. Learn how to properly plan for a compressed air system and what your options are with an existing system.
Maintaining Compressed Air Pressure Stability In Food Processing Operations

While compressed air might not be a listed ingredient on food or beverage packages, it can certainly have a huge impact on costs, quality, and scrap rates in their production processes. This article gives an inside look at factors that impact pressure stability and operating efficiency, how to identify potential drawbacks in an air system, and what to specify for greater efficiency.

Addressing Unseen Compressed Air System Leaks

Compressed air systems are in nearly every industrial facility in the United States, and the undeniable fact about those systems is that they all have leaks. This article discusses how companies lose thousands each year to compressed air system leaks, addresses leak detection, and offers advice for an audit and repair plan for your compressed air system.

Air Quality And Air Treatment In Compressed Air Systems

When determining the right air treatment components for a compressed air system, there is a great deal to keep in mind. This article discusses compressed air quality and how it impacts operating costs and production. Learn about designing a compressed air system for maximum effectiveness while minimizing costs.