Modular Covers

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

Modular Covers

Geomembrane Technologies designs and installs floating, modular covers for effective odor and algae control, as well as thermal protection. By covering water with a modular cover, the effects of winds and sunlight are drastically reduced. Gases are held in suspension beneath the cover, limiting the emission of foul odors.

Geomembrane Technologies™ brand modular floating covers are designed to:

  • Control foul odors
  • Provide thermal insulation
  • Block sunlight to minimize algae growth
  • Resist cracks, breaks, chemicals, and UV rays
  • Accommodate water level fluctuations
  • Drain rainwater automatically 

Constructed with durable polyethylene materials, Geomembrane Technologies™ brand modular covers are flexible and buoyant, allowing workers to safely walk on the cover. 

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