News | January 6, 2012

Reliant Water Technologies Introduces The Model WQA Low Energy Lagoon Aeration System

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies
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The Reliant Water Technologies Model WQA Water Moving Aerator is specifically designed to operate in waste lagoons to provide aeration and de-stratification with a minimum of energy. This patented water moving and aeration system requires only 5' of water to operate. It continuously moves all the water within a 3 to 5 acre pond or lagoon, and the weight of all that moving water will not only de-stratify the water body (eliminating heavy, toxic algal blooms), but it utilizes the weight of the moving water to break up the bottom’s toxic dead zone, allowing for the ammonia and nitrogen components trapped there to rise and naturally dissipate through oxidation.


Model WQA in Operation with Ice Option Model WQA Out of Water


Model WQA in Operation without Ice Option


The Model WQA utilizes both coarse and fine bubble diffusion technologies. Using a total of only 4 horsepower of energy, it moves over 9 million gallons of water per day through itself, and diffuses up to 20 pounds of oxygen per hour into the water. The aeration component of the Model WQA can run continuously or periodically by manual or timer activation, or by automated dissolved oxygen monitors if required. There is an ‘Ice Option’ for lagoons that freeze during the winter. This option allows for this unique water moving aerator to operate in all installations throughout the winter without the concern of ice crushing damage.

The Model WQA is made of HDPE, aluminum and stainless steel, with an all stainless steel and HDPE model available. The anodized industrial blowers are warranted for 3 years. The only maintenance requirement for the Model WQA is the annual cleaning of two blower filters.