Brochure | January 29, 2013

Model 2400 Optical Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer Brochure

Source: RELIANT Water Technologies

The Reliant Model 2400 Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) Monitoring and Control System is an economical, full featured optical dissolved oxygen analyzer that brings full featured optical DO capability, and a long-life optical sensor that remains in calibration for at least a year.

The Model 2400 analyzer provides the user with exactly what they need for continuous DO monitoring and control of important aeration processes - a solid DO reporting system, that seldom requires maintenance, always has the correct DO/temperature reading, and communication capabilities to whatever data collection system that he might require. All of this at a reasonable price.

With analyzer features like a backlit display, up to 72 hour trending on the display, both digital and analog outputs, and two control relays, the Model 2400 offers the functions of a fullpowered, continuous monitoring and control analyzer at close to the price of a portable DO meter.