Datasheet | July 29, 2016

MODEL 12 Modular Carbon Adsorption System Datasheet

Source: Calgon Carbon Corporation

The Calgon Carbon MODEL 12 is an adsorption system designed for the removal of dissolved organic contaminants from liquids using granular activated carbon. The modular design concept allows the selection of options, additional accessories or alternate materials to best meet the requirements of the site and treatment application.

The MODEL 12 system is delivered as two adsorbers and a separate compact center piping network and interconnecting piping requiring minimal space and field assembly. The preengineered MODEL 12 design assures that adsorption system functions can be performed with the system as provided. The design has the benefit of Calgon Carbon’s extensive expertise and has been proven in numerous applications. The engineering package can be provided quickly and the system expedited through Calgon Carbon’s production capabilities.