Mobile Sensor Management Provides Greater Clarity For Operators

Source: Hach
Mobile Sensor Management Provides Greater Clarity For Operators

Beyond measurement, Hach is on a mission to provide its customers with the information to make better decisions. Sam Utley, Vertical Market Manager for Wastewater with Hach, recently sat down with Water Online Radio to discuss the movement towards greater clarity in data collection and evaluation.  

“We’re launching an entire suite of products, not only our instrumentation but a software suite and the interconnectedness between the two to help our customers gain greater insights,” explained Utley. “Not just what the measurement is and what the trend lines might be. We’re helping customers come up with actionable insights and simplifying the decision making process across their entire operation.”

As an example, Utley described the Company’s new Mobile Sensor Management software that allows an operator to identify specifically which instruments need attention instead of adhering to a maintenance schedule for all sensors that may or may not need adjustment.

To learn more about the Mobile Sensor Management solution and some of the additional benefits it offers, both in the field and in the lab, listen here:

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