News | April 23, 2014

Mixing Success With Landia's Aerator In Tennessee

Danny Phillips  from the City Of Wartburg with Landia's chopper pump

A rugged and highly effective ejector system designed and manufactured by Landia is effectively mixing and aerating a special holding tank that receives wastewater from the Morgan County Correctional Complex (MCCX) in Tennessee.

Landia’s chopper pumps, equipped with a Venturi nozzle, which form part of the propeller-free AirJet aeration system, have to deal with debris from a population equivalent of around 3,200, comprising around 2500 inmates and over 700 employees at the complex, which completed a major expansion in 2009.

Danny Phillips, Maintenance and Pre-Treatment Coordinator for the City of Wartburg’s Municipal Wastewater said: “Landia’s AirJet and chopper pumps are good dependable equipment, which we have no problems with. And importantly, from day one, we’ve also had great customer service from Landia who are always ready to help us achieve the best results. This definitely isn’t a company that just walks away after they’ve made a sale”.

Any trash that manages to bypass the screens at MCCX is swiftly dealt with in the holding tank by Landia’s innovative knife system, which prevents any solids from entering the chopper pump, whilst a specially designed pump volute and impeller protects the mechanical seal from rags.

Landia also has its chopper pumps installed at numerous similar establishments in the U S, including the Crittenden County Detention Center in Western Kentucky, where they have to handle a variety of solids in the wastewater, including latex gloves, grease and cutlery. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Landia