White Paper

MIOX Achieves Increased Efficacy Against Biofilm And Legionella Vs. Common Biocides

Source: MIOX Corporation

Comparative disinfection studies using 3 oxidizing biocides and 3 commonly used non-oxidizing biocides against Legionella pneumophilia.

Legionella pneumophilia is an aquatic organism that associates with biofilm - a gelatinous layer consisting of microbial cells, the polysaccharide biopolymer they produce, and debris extracted from recirculating water. Legionella pneumophilia films continuously erode and disperse through the water system during normal operation, increasing the risk of inhaling a sufficient number of the airborne bacteria to cause Legionnaire’s disease. Cooling towers, showers, spa pools, faucets, and residential water systems that circulate contaminated water are capable of harboring Legionella pneumophilia, leading to Legionnaire’s disease.