Micro Drainage

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Micro Drainage software enables sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS, WSUDS, LIDs) to be designed, audited and tested for exceedance.

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Micro Drainage software was conceived from the outset as a suite of tools designed by engineers, for engineers, and this remains the characteristic approach. Always, the emphasis is on getting the job done efficiently, to the highest professional standards.

The software is modular to provide engineers with the flexibility to purchase software that is fit for purpose.

Micro Drainage® software enables engineers, developers, hydrologists and approving authorities to:

  • Design surface water sewers
  • Design sanitary (foul) water and combined sewers
  • Design integrated sustainable urban drainage systems including attenuation and infiltration structures
  • Analyse overland flood flow routing and output flood hazard maps

Micro Drainage?

Integrated Drainage System Design.  Designed by engineers for engineers Micro Drainage software will enable you to design a fully integrated sustainable drainage system in conjunction with popular third party software in a timely manner. The completed system can include pipes, manholes, conduits, channels, flow controls, attenuation and infiltration structures.

Sustainability.  A fully integrated sustainable drainage system will help to control the rainfall runoff and surface water management within a catchment to protect the environment for future generations. The model can incorporate flow controls to limit offsite discharges to the Greenfield condition. Flood mitigation measures including attenuation and infiltration structures may also be included.

Automated DesignMicro Drainage will auto-design the optimum surface water and sanitary (foul) water networks to satisfy local standards. “Get it right first time.”

Easy Output Review.  Completing a sustainable drainage design in accordance with local standards is only the first step. Extracting results and providing the capability to illustrate them is fundamental in Micro Drainage.

As a modular suite, Micro Drainage enables you to select the elements most suited to your immediate requirements, with the flexibility to introduce additional modules as they are needed. At the same time, the full integration of the modules means that you can produce a complete drainage system, incorporating pipes, open channels, attenuation and SUDS in one model.

Technical information for WinDes:

Micro Drainage software can be run on a standalone PC but is fully supported on Windows© 2000/2003 servers.

System Requirements:
Hardware: Intel® or AMD 1GHz x86 or x64 processor with 1GB RAM, DVD-ROM drive and one free USB port
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 7, Vista® (SP1) or XP (SP3)
Disk Space: 500MB
Monitor: 1,024 x 768 resolution or above SVGA display
Printers: All Windows© printers supported

DrawNet(CAD) module only:
AutoCAD®: AutoCAD® release 2011 or later (full version not AutoCAD®LT)


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