MetroH20: Education For The Industry

MetroH20: Education For The Industry

Singer Valve manufactures automatic control valves for municipal water systems — everything from pressure reducing, pressure relief, anywhere where you’d need to control the water running through the line.

One of the company's key focuses is education, Mark Gimson, Business Development and Marketing Manager with Singer Valve, told Water Online Radio in an interview.

“Control valves do look a bit scary, with the pipework hanging off of the side and it’s a little bit of black magic or voodoo. To an operator or even an engineer, they may not always understand fully how these things work. We believe that the more comfortable that an operator, an end user, an engineer is with a product, the more that we can actually help them with their applications,” said Gimson.

To facilitate this, Singer Valve has introduced MetroH20, which is an interactive software player that allows people to take a close look at a water system and see where the control valves fit into the scheme of things. With just a few simple mouse clicks, they can drill down and actually see how the valve works internally. “We wanted an interactive tool that people could go to on a website and access anywhere, anytime, that would really explain, basically, all of the things that we tell them, as if we’re standing in front of them,” Gimson said.

“Rather than having people rely on a factory for even the simplest of tasks, we believe that, if we can empower them to look after their own valves, if we can educate them, then it just helps the industry in general.”

MetroH20 is currently available as an interactive tool on Singer Valve’s website, but can be made available as a standalone product for a utility, colleges, or education facility that is conducting their own training courses.

Click the radio player below to listen to the full interview, or visit singervalve.com to check out MetroH20.