MEMCOR® CS Submerged Membrane System

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The MEMCOR® CS system is based upon the solid foundation of the Memcor technology that has been proven in thousands of installations across all countries and markets. The high performance of MEMCOR CS system is ideal - and affordable - for municipal water, wastewater, industrial and water reuse treatment.

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MEMCOR CS submerged membrane technology provides an economical solution to large capacity treatment systems with reduced plant footprint, chemicals and power consumption.  Submerged technology provides unique in-situ integrity testing which validates removal down to two-tenth of a micron, while meeting new and future standards.

MEMCOR systems provide:

  • Customized designed submerged membrane system by utilization of space.
  • Capacities > 3.0 MGD (4750 m3/hr) for optimal efficiency.
  • Easy access to membrane modules and racks.
  • Economical solution to meet high finished quality standards.
  • Capable of 6 log removal of Giardia and Cryptosporidium.