Case Study

MEMCOR® Continuous Microfiltration System Maximizes Water Resources For The City Of Scottsdale, Arizona

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies


The desert community of Scottsdale, Arizona had no natural surface water sources and a decreasing groundwater supply. Scottsdale had historically treated and disposed of its wastewater. As the city has grown, disposal of wastewater presented several problems, such as:

  • The city was paying money to give away reclaimed water – a commodity
  • The sewerage system would need upgrading, at a similar cost to the Water Campus
  • Water lost from the city would have to be replaced, at a further treatment cost

In 1980, the State of Arizona passed the Groundwater Management Act (GMA), whereby facilities are given withdrawal credits when recharging groundwater – an attractive alternative for Scottsdale, as groundwater requires only disinfection for potable use. The Scottsdale Water Campus was developed as a water resources management facility.