Case Study

Measuring The Level Of 93% Sulfuric Acid Accurately With No Compatibility Issues

Source: Siemens Process Instrumentation

A chemical processing company in Beumont, Texas has been using differential pressure to monitor the level on various chemical tanks with very corrosive properties. On one particular tank they were monitoring 93% sulfuric acid and the company was using a differential pressure transmitter using special wetted part materials seemingly resistive to the corrosive nature of the contents in the tank. Due to the amount of failures of the differential pressure units, they were looking at alternative technologies to solve the problem.

The 93% sulfuric acid tank proved to be the most challenging due to the chemical compatibility with most level instrumentation. The special wetted parts would only last a few months because of the corrosive nature of the acid and the transmitters would have to be replaced on a regular basis. This became very expensive for the chemical company, but also caused significant downtime due to the constant repairs.

Siemens invited management at the chemical company to test the SITRANS LR250 Radar PVDF for themselves. After having the unit installed for a few months, the unit was taken out and inspected. Signal profiles were taken and compared to the signal profiles when the unit was first installed, the signal profiles demonstrated a strong performance by the SITRANS LR250, the acid level was being tracked reliably and the inspection of the PVDF encapsulated horn antenna showed no compatibility issues.

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