Portable Parallel Analyzer Measures Six Parameters Simultaneously

Source: Hach

Tom Siller, global product manager with handheld instruments for Hach, speaks to Water Online radio about the company’s new SL-1000 portable parallel analyzer ( PPA). The PPA combines an electrochemistry meter and a colorimeter into one and was designed to be extremely simple to use.

“You don't have to be a rocket scientist to use it,” explains Siller in the interview. “I was able to give it to my six-year-old cousin. He opened the package, inserted the chem key into the bottom of the instrument, and was able to run a test.”

Despite its simplicity, the PPA delivers results. It is more accurate than similar photometers and can measure up to six parameters simultaneously.

The PPA was created in collaboration with Hach customers and directly addresses a need they identified.  Future updates will be handled in the same way.  

“That's another opportunity where we can actually partner with these customers and have them help us design the next generation of this instrument,” explains Siller.

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