News | April 25, 2017

McCrometer's Advanced Smart Output Mag Meters Deliver Seamless Plug-n-Play AMI And AMR System Compatibility

Source: McCrometer, Inc.
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AWWA ACE 17, June 11-14, Booth 2910, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Visitors to AWWA ACE 2017 in Philadelphia will want to visit McCrometer Booth 2910 to learn more about McCrometer’s electromagnetic insertion and full bore meters designed with its innovative Smart Output™ capability for use with AMI and AMR technologies.

Smart Output mag meters from McCrometer are compatible with Sensus and Itron systems, which makes these mag meters plug and play into larger AMI and AMR systems. McCrometer has an electromagnetic flow solution for nearly every application from line sizes 4 to 138 inches: hot tap insertion meters or full bore type, battery/solar or AC/DC powered. The company’s entire line of mag meters is AMI compatible with Smart Output capability.

McCrometer’s more than 60 year history of building advanced flow metering solutions has seen AMI develop into a tool that more and more utility managers are adopting to meet the challenges of district metering and reducing non-revenue water. As AMI has become more widespread, it is critical that utility managers are able to connect flow measurement points across their distribution systems with meters that work seamlessly with their chosen AMI system. McCrometer’s Smart Output capability marries this need with its electromagnetic flow meters, which have been the meter of choice for municipalities around the globe.

Brittany Halterman, Senior Product Manager for McCrometer, says, “Smart Output mag meters from McCrometer are designed with a highly intelligent module in their transmitters that is similar to a communication protocol. This capability allows McCrometer mag meters to transmit data on a schedule or on demand, as well as receive diagnostic queries to ensure or update meter operation. With McCrometer’s Smart Output mag meters, there’s no need for technicians to gather flow data manually or check meter status.”

Smart Output Mag Meters
Flow metering and AMI system infrastructure are typically some of the largest investments for which a utility manager budgets, so they want to receive the maximum value and ROI to help them make their most important decisions. McCrometer flow meters with Smart Output AMI compatibility will give utilities the ability to manage flow in their distribution systems in a whole new intelligent way that saves time and money.

About McCrometer
McCrometer’s advanced flow measurement solutions solve complex challenges in Agricultural Irrigation, Municipal/Industrial Water & Wastewater, Oil & Gas, Process Control, Electric Power Generation and Institutional Facilities. The company’s products and systems are found in thousands of installations worldwide. Its products and systems meet many of the world’s most demanding industrial, safety and quality standards. For more information, visit

SOURCE: McCrometer, Inc.