Magnetite Ballasted Treatment For Enhanced Clarification

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

The BioMag and CoMag systems from Evoqua infuse magnetite into conventional biological and chemical floc, making it heavier and dramatically improving settling. The BioMag system is applied to activated sludge systems. It increases capacity up to 300% without new tankage, provides control over secondary sludge blanket depth and enables nutrient removal below 3 mg/L TN and 0.2 mg/L TP. The CoMag system is ideal for tertiary treatment, CSO/storm water management and drinking water. It delivers TP below 0.05 mg/L, TSS below 2.0 mg/L and turbidity of 1 ntu. Both systems easily integrate with existing or planned facilities and can lower costs. View this short video on how to achieve superior effluent without filtration or new tankage.