LumenAER Solar-Powered Circulator

Source: RWL Water


The LumenAER is an ideal solution for accelerating and adding consistent treatment to facultative waste water applications. The circulation technology expands and increases oxygen concentrations in the upper 2/3rds of the pond, thereby creating an “aerobic cap” which does the following: 1) improves digestion of soluble BOD, 2) accelerates digestion of semi-soluble BOD, and 3) stimulates digestion of solids.

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  • Three “depth adjustable” intakes
  • Large primary flows generates induced flows from 4x-10x DMD (Direct Mechanical Displacement)
  • Vertical flow from selected depths


  • Multi-level re-circulation creates near uniform water chemistry top to bottom
  • Large area of influence per unit with multiples used for large reservoirs
  • Brings the problem to the solution vs forcing solution (diffused air) to the problem

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