Case Study

Compressor Installation Lowers Energy Needs By 18%

Source: Atlas Copco Airpower Compressor Technique

RWE uses three-low pressure centrifugal compressors from Atlas Copco in the Ibbenbüren power plant to generate oxidation air for the flue gas desulphurization installation. The turbo installation has lowered their energy needs by 18%. The user also profits from the high availability of the oil-free compressors, which hardly require maintenance due to their motor with a permanent magnet.

“Flue gas desulphurization is very complicated,” said Manfred Hollekamp, specialist for this process at the power provider RWE Power AG in Werne and Ibbenbüren. The company burns anthracite in Ibbenbüren which is mined right next to the power plant. In order to desulphurize any resulting flue gas in the two-circuit absorbers, RWE must add an exactly defined amount of oxidation air. “Otherwise, the sulfur sticks together in the installation and cakes everywhere,” Hollekamp explained. “Too little air is just as bad as too much.” That could cause the reaction to take place too early or start at the wrong location in the installation.