Lighting The Way: Next Steps For UV Disinfection (Audio)


When it comes to community drinking water systems, most are classified as small or very small (in the U.S.), serving less than 3,300 people. Though the volume of people served pales in comparison to large systems, that’s still a lot of plants to operate. As regulations tighten and the need for better treatment technologies arises, the implementation of new tech into small plants with few operators becomes a concern.

TrojanUVTelos was developed for precisely this reason. Adam Festger of TrojanUV explains:

“I’m really excited about the [TrojanUVTelos] product. It is a revolutionary small drinking water disinfection system. We’re taking communities of several hundred to maybe several thousand and we’re giving them a very simple, very easy-to-use, very easy-to-install UV disinfection system, so you get all the benefits of UV inactivation of chlorine-resistant organisms.

“We’re putting it in a package that’s plug-and-play. It’s got very few lamps. It requires very little maintenance. We think this is going to be a great tool for drinking water providers all over the world that are small communities.”

Festger goes on to explain technology that goes into the TrojanUVTelos system, particularly the implementation and advantages of the low-pressure TrojanUV Solo Lamp. Learn more by listening to the full interview.