Brochure | January 12, 2018

LeakFinder-ST: Advanced Acoustic Leak Detection System Brochure

Source: Mueller Water Products

With the LeakFinderST correlator, Echologics introduces a whole new level of speed and accuracy in locating leaks. Until now. leak noise correlators have had limitations in pinpointing leaks in mains. Speed and accuracy were just relative measures.

The LeakFinderST correlator enables customers to locate "quiet" narrow band, low frequency leaks and leaks previously identified as background leakage on water mains, with a wide range of materials such as:

  • Plastic (PVC, PE, MDPE, HMDPE)
  • Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe (PCCP)
  • Asbestos Cement (AC)
  • Ductile & Cast Iron (DI, CI)
  • Steel