White Paper

Keeping Your Control Valves In Good Health

Source: Mueller Water Products

By Mark Gimson, Marketing Manager, Singer Valve

Whether that brand new control valve in your system is the first one you have ever had to look after or if you are an old hand at valve maintenance with tens of valves in your system, there are a few simple guidelines and reminders for keeping it operating at optimal performance.

It’s important to physically check valves at least every 12 weeks or so, assuming everything is running fine in the system. This inspection is to check for any leaks in the tubing, check pressure gauges to ensure the valve is actually doing what it is supposed to and generally inspecting for anything that looks abnormal.

If it is determined that something is wrong, always ensure you have the correct instruction manual for the valve. Today, many manufacturers have these available on their websites.  As a note of caution, these valves are under pressure and care should be taken to bleed pressure off the valve before you start to take any valves apart. (For example, in a 6” valve with 100psi in the line, there is at least 2,800 lbs of force trying to push that cover off the valve, so safety first!)