Jefferson Parish Case Study: Flygt

Source: Flygt -- A Xylem Brand

The total energy consumption of four wastewater pump stations in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana has been reduced by 50% with the Flygt Experior™.

These stations were experiencing serious clogging issues and have not required any maintenance call outs since the Flygt Experior pumps were installed in May, 2012. All of the pump stations received Xylem’s five horse power Flygt Experior systems, with three of them incorporating the Flygt SmartRunTM controls. The systems delivered a 50% saving in energy consumption and the clog-free reliability. Flygt SmartRun controls coordinate the pumping system in a unit that is pre-programmed to wastewater requirements. SmartRun combines the functionality of a variable frequency drive with a simple intuitive interface that is simple to operate and functionally optimized to eliminate the complicated fine-tuning required of traditional variable frequency drives.

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