Introducing The Ultimate In Ultrafiltration

Source: Evoqua Water Technologies

After serving the marketplace for decades under different names, Evoqua Water Technologies has emerged in the last year to make a splash in the treatment industry.

Paul Rice, Marketing Director of Municipal Water and Wastewater with Evoqua, took the time to sit down with Water Online Radio and discuss a new ultrafiltration technology that the company showed off during ACE 2015.

The MEMCOR CP II pressurized membrane system demonstrated Evoqua’s commitment to becoming the industry leader in ultrafiltration.

“What’s unique about CP II is that it combines our much improved membrane fibers with a unique modular membrane rack system, so it’s easier for an engineer to design with, utilize, and it also simplifies assembly in the field,” Rice says. “Just one of our membrane racks — and these things work in modules — just one of them can deliver 700,000 gallons per day in just 25 square feet of space.”

Rice was also eager to discuss the company’s CoMag High Rate Clarification System.

“It’s a great product, it delivers great particulate removal in primary applications. For this audience it’s a great fit with UV disinfection because the more you get the particles out of the water, the more you’re going to improve the efficiency of UV.”

To hear Rice’s full interview, tune in below.

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