Internet-Enabled Water Quality Analysis

Source: Swan Analytical USA
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The Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived at the water authority. Online analyzers sampling water quality 24/7 are being coupled with software running on mobile computing devices such as cellphones and tablets to provide the modern utility worker with up-to-the-minute results.

As Ohm Kongtang, US Western Regional Sales Manager for Swan Analytical, explains in this Water Online Radio interview, operators are now empowered to be “proactive and predictive and not reactive to their plants.”    

In the past when an operator received an alarm from his SCADA system, he would have to go to the plant and begin hand sampling and running a series of tests to identify what the issue was. With today’s online analysis, an operator can evaluate the data being sent to his iPad from anywhere in the world.

The Swan desk is “an internet of Swan analyzers that can be monitored on site with the aid of the Internet while simultaneously offering a secure portal site for collecting data, alarm critical points, and things like that,” added Kongtang.

To learn more about online analyzers, Swan desk and how to implement remote monitoring, click on the audio player below:

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