Article | March 11, 2013

Integrated Automation Solution Eases Water And Wastewater Operations

Source: Emerson Process Management, Power & Water Solutions

The water and wastewater industries face challenges at every turn — from population growth to strict environmental and financial regulations to downsizing. The complex nature of both industries puts a great deal of pressure on plant operators, who typically tackle tasks manually. Learn how integrated automation software delivers improved reliability and flexibility throughout the entire operation. 

Pressures continue to mount for both the water and wastewater industries. Population growth increases demand for clean drinking water, and aging facilities stymie water and wastewater industries alike. Downsizing has become problematic across the board, making it difficult for lean staffs to navigate the growing complexities of the water industry. Yet environmental and financial regulations are perpetually stringent, and security measures around the nation’s water supply remain a top priority. 

With so many factors impacting water and wastewater municipalities, forward-thinking plant operators question whether their facilities have the tools and labor necessary to thrive and remain in compliance with the industries’ various regulations. An integrated software solution composed of automation, analytical, and optimization tools as well as consultant services and technical support enables water and wastewater facilities to better manage their operations without the concern for human error. 
Emerson Process Management offers PlantWeb digital plant architecture, an integrated suite of tools that includes predictive maintenance software, intelligent field devices, value automation, and asset optimization solutions. Emerson’s integrated monitoring and control approach improves the overall economics of water and wastewater organizations, because the software combines real-time process and equipment information with transaction-based enterprise systems. 
Download the article to learn more about PlantWeb from Emerson Process Management, and how this enterprise software system can help you prepare for the myriad of challenges facing the water and wastewater industries.