Instrumentation: OPTIWAVE Radar Level

Source: KROHNE, Inc.


Radar Level Meter for distance, level and volume of liquids, pastes and solids.

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Radar Level Meter for distance, level and volume of liquids, pastes and solids

Works better than any radar ever before.
In contrast to earlier radar devices, the new OPTIWAVE with its more advanced design solutions is able to operate over a larger bandwidth. This ensures a sharper resolution and higher accuracy. The higher signal dynamics of OPTIWAVE allow the detection of even the smallest level changes.

Setup-Wizard - easier than ever before

OPTIWAVE makes level gauging easier than ever before. Wizard works wonders.
Setting up a 2-wire level gauge couldn't be easier: Simply fit the gauge to the tank, wire it up and switch it on:

  • Step 1. OPTIWAVE tests itself to make sure its electronics are working perfectly.

    Step 2. OPTIWAVE's Wizard walks you through a simple series of questions to define your tank and the product you want to measure.

    Step 3. That's all you need. Your OPTIWAVE is already measuring.

Process control
The easy-to-understand DTM screens make process setup, process analysis and also process control easier than with any other device.

Click here to download the Optiwave product datasheet.


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