Handheld And Inline Instrumentation For Water Quality Control

Conductivity • Resistivity • TDS • pH • ORP • Temperature

Measure, monitor and control water quality parameters critical in process control with Myron L instrumentation and accessories. Myron L manufactures high quality handheld meters and inline monitor/controllers that are accurate, reliable and simple to use.

Myron L handheld meters are ideal for fast on-the-spot testing. Our analog DS/pDS Meters™ measure up to 2 of the following parameters: Conductivity or Resistivity, TDS and pH. DS/pDS Meters are available in a variety of ranges.

Myron L also manufactures digital handhelds that feature advanced microelectronics for lab-accuracy, easy keypad calibration, memory capacity and a waterproof case.

TechPro II™ Series instruments measure up to 4 parameters: Conductivity, TDS, pH and Temperature. All TechPro IIs have a 20-measurement memory capacity.

Ultrameter II™ Series instruments feature autoranging capability that delivers precise results across diverse applications for up to 6 parameters: Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP and Temperature. Store up to 100 measurements in memory then download to your computer using the optional uDock™ accessory package for easy data entry, analysis and reporting.

Use Myron L inline monitor/controllers to establish and maintain solution concentrations within setpoints for Conductivity, Resistivity, TDS, pH, ORP and Temperature. Myron L monitor/controllers are available in numerous ranges with options and accessories added to meet your specific requirements.

Keep instruments operating at peak performance with Myron L NIST-traceable pH buffers, conductivity standards and storage solutions.

Myron L instruments are built to last: Some have been in continuous use for over 40 years. And we stand behind our products with lifetime service and technical support.

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SOURCE: Myron L Company