Newsletter | November 22, 2021

11.22.21 -- Improve Sludge Quality With Sludge Screening

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Lamella EcoFlow Inclined Plate Settler
The Lamella is the original inclined plate gravity settler. Introduced by Parkson in 1971, it has been the industry standard for this technology. Inclined plate settling works when a solid/liquid stream that has been flocculated enters a tank and flows upward between a pack of inclined plates. The solids fall to the plate surface, where they slide by gravity down to a sludge collection hopper. The clarified effluent flows through orifice holes and exits the top of the settler.
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Parkson Corporation

Consider a complete solution for your aerobic digester. Vorelodos aerobic digester combines equipment, controls, and service, to offer a solution that ensures wastewater treatment plants meet regulations while reducing operational costs.

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Sanitaire -- A Xylem Brand
TrojanUVFlex: Wastewater Disinfection System

The TrojanUVFlex is ideal for non-potable reuse and other wastewater applications where the treatment of filtered tertiary effluent is required. Built on the TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology platform, TrojanUVFlex allows for energy-efficient high-intensity delivery of UV light in an extremely compact footprint.

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Trojan Technologies