Hydro-Guard® HG-8 Automatic Flushing System


Designed to increase chlorine residual consistency in potable water systems, Mueller® has added the HG-8 model to the expanding line of Hydro-Guard® Automatic Flushing Systems. Hydro-Guard HG-8 is installed below the frost-line, with all components easily accessible from the ground surface in the Mueller Thermal-Coil® Box. Dechlorinated discharge water is directed to the storm water drainage system or local retention pond. In addition, the product is designed to accept a 1-inch meter.

Benefits of flushing with the HG-8 Standard Sub-surface System:

  • Reduces water waste associated with flushing
  • Improves capability to meet EPA Stage II DBPR Standards
  • Controlled and consistent flushing of distribution system
  • Enhance success in maintaining consistent residual levels
  • Reduced operational expenses (i.e. labor, vehicle, maintenance and benefits costs)
  • Engineered for durability and long service life, helps to maximize Life Cycle Cost benefits
  • Meter easily added to track non-revenue water

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