Hydrant Pressure Impulse Recorder

Source: Trimble Water

Hydrant Pressure Impulse Recorder

The simplicity of the compact, battery-powered Telog HPR-31 enables you to put it to work within minutes of unpacking. Once installed, the Telog HPR-31 measures water pressure at user programmable rates up to four samples per second with its internal pressure transducer. You can determine how often such data is summarized for reporting. The recorder computes any combination of minimum, average and maximum pressure measurement at each interval according to your selection of statistics and recording intervals. Recorded data may be gathered via an RS-232 connector using a laptop.

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Measures Water Pressure For:

  • Negative Pressure Events
  • Fire Flow Testing
  • Pressure Loss Tests
  • Investigating Pressure Complaints
  • Routine Pressure Monitoring
  • Hydrant Capacity Testing
  • Calibrating Hydraulic Models

Communicate Via:

  •  Local Connection

Powered By:

  • Battery, five year battery life

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