HST™ 30 High-Speed Turbocompressor

HST™ 30 high-speed turbocompressor

The HST 30 offers more flow and pressure at a significantly higher efficiency than its predecessors do. 

Features and Benefits

1 Magnetic bearings

  • No other solution offers the same efficiency, stability or component life
  • The condition of the machine is continuously monitored

2 State-of-the-art control and monitoring

  • Integrated control unit with touch screen ensures ease of operation and good feedback on performance
  • Smart connection to upper-level automation is possible, as well as remote monitoring

3 Integrated package

  • The turbocompressor is designed for ease of installation and operation, with motor silencer, cabinet silencer and a silenced blow-off valve
    incorporated into the cabinet
  • Complexity is reduced, along with the cost of installation

4 High overall efficiency

  • An excellent combination of superior, well proven designs ensures energy savings and lower lifecycle cost

5 Superior low-noise operation

  • Silent operation is integrated into the design early on
  • Quiet running means a better working environment for employees and less noise pollution in the plant vicinity

6 Suitable outer dimensions

  • The turbocompressor fits well into most existing compressor rooms, making it easy to replace older, inefficient solutions
  • The compact and integrated design reduces costs when planning new installations

7 Safety built-in and pre-approved

  • The turbocompressor has been designed for total conformity with all relevant standards
  • Product versions available for compliance with UL/CSA and CE requirements

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