Article | July 3, 2014

How To Move The Needle Of Energy Consumption

Source: AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company

By Jordan Byrd, AMERICAN

Summer is here, and with it rising temperatures and energy costs.  In recent weeks, political unrest in Iraq has caused fuel prices to climb to near record highs, and no relief is in sight. Future-minded water utilities realize any decision made today to help offset future energy consumption is both economically and environmentally wise. With that in mind, utilities across the country are desperately searching for green products and innovations to help them conserve precious resources in the future, and iron pipe is one tool that can help them accomplish this.

When one thinks of green technology, ductile iron pipe may not be a product that comes to mind. Commercials, social media, and billboards point consumers to the newest models of every household product designed to make their lives more efficient, reduce waste, and preserve the environment. However, it may be surprising that the most efficient product in a particular field isn't weeks old and brand new technology, but it is decades old and proven. Our minds have been programed to think that the newest iteration of a particular product is the greenest and best. While that may be the case for smart phones and appliances, it certainly isn’t the case for pipe.

AMERICAN - American Cast Iron Pipe Company