How To Determine The Right Dosage For Any Chemical

Source: Hach

Understanding exactly how much of each chemical is needed is critical.  Too much, and chemicals and money are wasted, too little, there is a risk of not being in compliance with regulations.

Real time control offers a solution, says Brian Thompson of Hach in an interview with Water Online Radio.

“In a lot of cases plants are basing their chemical and energy dosing on flow. But flow is only one category that you can measure,” says Thompson in the interview. “Take flow and the actual influent and the ups and downs, the rises, and measure that and then control and dose your chemicals accordingly based on the actual real time data.”

Hach offers Real Time Control solutions that do just that. These complete off-the-shelf systems adjust treatment processes in real time. This keeps a facility compliant while reducing treatment costs, explains Thompson.

For example, if a facility has a phosphorus limit and has to dose their chemicals to keep that limit, they can utilize a phosphate analyzer plus the logic and controls to make sure that they dose chemicals accordingly and don’t go over the permit.

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